irony, or just annoying?

The irony of having had one of my packages stolen off the front step, is that it had a Celtic knot cross-stitch kit that said "Welcome, friends".

I doubt the thieves will appreciate this.

do not want

I’m pretty sure I just saw the phrase "twerkology", but the concept is more than a bit alarming and I refuse to go back and check..


I used to be a programmer, but then I took an < to the : …

hipster cover band

"Accidentally Awesome" is the name of my cover band for a band you’ve probably never heard of.


On a “Kanbam” board, you mark your completed stories with comic book sound effects.

songs my kid sings

I don’t really know
How I got my face
I don’t really want it
People think I look weird
But that’s ok
They have eyes and I don’t