misread email subjects

“Methadone Traffic Lights”

“Hooked On Meth kit - Brand new!”

“Eyeroll Tech & Ads”

“Request for the nutjob plugin”

“Random Acts Of Kittens”

“Candida Pharmacy”

“UNISEX LISA Attendees”

“Help conjuring SSH tunnels…”

“Necrotized Sour Cherry Preserves”

“How not to be naked”

“Cannabis Rabies Shots - 17 Locations”

“Can’t save pigs on flickr page”

“Extracting life from variables”

“Parsing trouble into a variable”

“Lithium Damn”

“For Sale: Samsung Catamite”

“For Sale: Ukelele Farm”

“Error: Inhaled Twiki Response”

“Best Offer: Rosewood Kitten Set”

“FREE! Funk Beds, oak Furniture”

“Remediation For Golf Lessons”

“Wanted: Writable Condom”

“Certified Mayonaisian Translator”

“Kitten Cabinet Refacing”