love does not discriminate...

Love does not discriminate. It doesn’t guarantee a worthy recipient, nor a love affair free from worry and heartache. Love is not a ward against manipulation and lies, nor does it ensure a happy ending. Love is messy, and unpredictable, and often arrives unbidden. It comes with baggage, and can expose our worst fears and behaviors to those with whom we’d only wish to show the best of ourselves. 

What we can get from love, though, is unique… It is a fire that can fill us near to bursting, and have us seek it out repeatedly despite the burns we may have gotten. There is such a powerful joy in loving another person, whether family or lover or friend, that it has moved mankind to great purpose for millennia. Love inspires us to create, to improve ourselves, to become more than we already are. It warms us, comforts us, assures us that we are not alone and that our worth is known, at least to a few. 

It is a gift that most everyone wants, and it is something I have never regretted giving or receiving, even in the darkest moments and worst trials.

(Originally written January 2014)